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Pvc Heat Stabilizer

Pvc Heat Stabilizer
Pvc Heat Stabilizer
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Product Code : PVCHS 05
Brand Name : DIAMOND
Product Description

Owing to our vast knowledge in this field, we are able to manufacture, supply and export Pvc Heat Stabilizer. The offered stabilizer is a lubricating agent, which helps in the production and cost reduction of high pressure applications, rigid PVC pipes and other RPVC pipes, profiles and casings. These stabilizers are widely known for providing  good visual appearance on extruded components and optimum thermal stability for process aid. Keeping in mind the various requirements of our customers, we offer the Pvc Heat Stabilizer in many packaging sizes.

Our Other Products:

Pvc Heat Stabilizer (F-555)

  • F-555 is an excellent lead complex one pack PVC Heat stabilizer with balanced internal / external lubricating properties. It provides optimum thermal stability for process aid and good visual appearance on extruded components.
  • F-555, due to its high lubrication helps in cost reduction by reducing the input quantity of Stearic Acid & Wax. Its special design gives excellent results & considerable savings in various applications like:
  • Appearance: Flakes
  • Colour: Light Creamish
  • Specific Gravity: 1.5 - 1.6 gms/cc
  • Lead Equivalent: 33% to 35%
  • Lubrication: Very High
  • Rigid PVC pipes of large diameters
  • Profiles & narrow wall thickness pipe extrusions
  • High pressure applications
  • Other regular RPVC pipes / profiles / casings etc.
  • Recommended Dosage: 1.4 to 2.0 phr
  • Packaging: 25 kg in HDPE bags with plastic liner

Pvc Heat Stabilizer (Tubing) (DP-202)

  • Appearance: Soft White Powder
  • Specific Gravity: 1.38 to 1.40 gms./ml.
  • Melting Point       : 94 to 108 degree C 
  • Moisture content:       less than 1%
  • Lead Equivalent: 4 to 6%
  • Antioxidants: 5%

PVC Heat Stabilizer(Di Basic Lead Phthalate - DBLP)

  • Appearance: White Powder
  • Specific Gravity: 4.5-4.6 gms/ml
  • Moisture: 2%
  • Lead Contents: 79%
  • Ref. Index: 1.99
  • Molecular Weight: 893
  • Di Basic Lead Phthalate is a heat stabilizer for general vinyl use. It is excellent for high temperature vinyl insulation and opaque fibre sheeting. As DBLP is not a lubricating stabilizer, it should be supplemented in PVC fabrication with a lubricant.

PVC Heat Stabilizer(Di Basic Lead Stearate - DBLS)

  • Di Basic Lead Stearate is basic lead soap of commercial stearic acid, and is a versatile combined lubricant and heat stabilizer for P.V.C. It contains almost double the lead oxide equivalent of normal lead stearate and has a corresponding greater heat stabilizing ability. It is most frequently used as an adjust to other stabilizers when it helps to provide lubrication, particularly on the surface of machines working at high temperature and speeds. There is much less likelihood of migration or blooming occurring than with other metallic stearates.
  • Di Basic Lead Stearate has a fairly low refractive index, and when used alone in P.V.C. has a low pigmenting value, producing a translucent product. It is suitable for both translucent and coloured compounds. It acts as a stabilizer lubricant, permitting increased rates of production by reducing friction. It is often used in conjunction with other metallic stearates, where it exhibits a greater efficiency as a heat stabilizer because of the synergistic effect. Di Basic Lead Stearate has wide application as a lubricant for plasticised P.V.C. compounds, particularly cable covering. For right P.V.C. application, it is necessary to use a well-balanced lubricant system.
  • Appearance: Soft White Powder
  • Density (Gms/cc): 1.9-2
  • Moisture: 1%
  • Lead Oxide Equivalent: 52% to 55%
  • Loss on ignition: 45% Min
  • Free Fatty Acid: 0.5% Max
  • Arsenic (As AS2O3) P.P.M: 2
  • Melting Point: 115C
  • Molecular Weight: 1219.87

PVC Heat Stabilizer(Lead Stearate - LS)

  • Lead Stearate is the normal lead soap of commercial Stearic Acid. It is primarily of interest as a lubricant in P.V.C. compounds since it has only moderate heat stabilizing property when used alone. It is generally used in conjunction with other stabilizers and the proportion used must be carefully regulated to suit the working conditions and lubrication requirements. Over-addition can cause blooming on the surface as a result of the migration of Stearic Acid.
  • Lubricants are essential for the majority of P.V.C. fabrication methods by the very nature of the polymer. Lead Stearate acts as an efficient lubricant for many such processes, for example, extrusion, injection moulding and calendaring. Lead Stearate can be used as the sole lubricant ingredient for plasticized P.V.C. application on particular cable covering. While Lead Stearate confers only low thermal stability to P.V.C. when used alone, it shows strong synergism with other stabilizer compounds. For instance, in combination with Barium or Cadmium Stearates, it will give P.V.C. compounds increased clarity and adequate heat stability for low temperature and speed fabrication techniques.
  • Appearance: Fine White Powder
  • Specific Gravity: 1.38-1.4 gms/ml
  • Melting Point: 94C-108C
  • Moisture: 1% Max
  • Lead Oxide Equivalent: 29%-33%
  • Loss on ignition: 65% Min
  • Free Fatty Acid: 5% Max
  • Molecular Weight: 773.51
  • Arsenic (As AS2O3) P.P.M.: 2

PVC Heat Stabilizer (Tri Basic Lead Sulphate - TBLS)

  • Tri Basic Lead Sulphate is the most popular and versatile lead stabilizer for P.V.C., especially for high temperature working. It is in itself very stable to heat and can be heated without decomposition to temperature well in excess of those normally encountered in compounding and fabricating P.V.C. such as high speed extrusion or manufacture of rigid products. In the absence of any decomposition, it ensures sound products with complete absence of porosity caused by evolution of gases. Very good electrical properties are also feature of compounds stabilized with Tri Basic Lead Sulphate.
  • Tri Basic Lead Sulphate has excellent stabilizing properties in P.V.C. It is suitable for all pigmented compounds where long period heat stability is required especially for rigid or unplasticized extrusion of rain water goods, guttering, soil pipes for conveyance of gases and liquids.
  • Besides, a mixture of Tri Basic Lead Sulphate and Di Basic Lead Phosphite has been found in practice to have excellent weathering properties; the Di Basic Lead Phosphite having excellent resistance to ultraviolet light.
  • Because of its good electrical properties, it is widely used for cable sheathing purpose. When used with suitable electrical grade polymer, high values of volume and surface resistivity can be maintained.
  • Appearance: White Powder
  • Specific Gravity: 6.6-6.7
  • Melting Point: 900C+
  • Moisture: 1%Max
  • Lead Equivalent: 85% to 89%
  • Loss on ignition: 2%
  • Arsenic (As AS2O3) PPM: 2
  • Molecular Weight: 990.74
  • Density (gm/cc): 6.3-6.7
  • Residue on 240 Mesh: 0.5% Max



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